Chantecaille Just Skin


As I write this post I am sat on a Spanish mountain, over 1000 feet up from civilisation overlooking the most breath taking view. Funnily enough, I'm on the same mountain where I started this blog a year ago. Im currently sat in a bikini, tanning as I type and I haven't worn makeup for three days - I could get used to this. 

Summer Ready Skin


I have found the perfect trio to get your skin looking beautiful all summer long. 

Summer snuck up on us pretty darn quick this year. Beautiful summer weather means your pins can finally see the light of day, but if they're anything like mine, they're going to need a little work to get summer ready! 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick VS 17 Instant Glow


When it comes to high end vs low end beauty products, the high end brands normally come out on top.

I hate to admit it, I tend to buy higher end products most of the time. I prefer the luxurious packaging and the longevity, but the price tag can really talk a toll on your bank balance. My FiancĂ© looks at me in disbelief when he see's the price of some of the products I want to buy. When you are trying to save money, lets face it, high end makeup is off limits. 

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Hypnotist


I had been coveting this lipgloss for weeks. It was well worth the wait.

As a fellow beauty lover im sure you follow a ton of beauty instagramers just like me. The only problem with that is it makes me want to buy everything I see. I saw a very popular beauty youtuber Lauren Curtis post a photo of this lip gloss months ago, and ever since I have been on the hunt for it. I scoured every Bare Minerals counter, hoping that on the off chance I would eventually find one to call me own. And it just so happens that I managed to get my little paws on one.
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