Bumble & Bumble Prêt-à-Powder

When it comes to beauty, makeup is definitely my strong point. I'm not overly into hair or hair products; I have my favourite brands and I stick religiously to what I know, so I don't tend to try anything new very often. Two years ago I had to cut my hair off to my shoulders thanks to over bleaching and heat damage. Now its in good condition and at a decent length I have become very overprotective with my hair, so I am very reluctant to try new products. However, Bumble & Bumble is one of the very few hair brands that I trust as their product's work wonders. 

I have used several hair powders and dry shampoos in the past, but most of them tend to make my hair look greasy and lifeless so I tend to steer clear of them. After hearing about Prêt-à-Powder I was instantly intrigued and I decided to give it a try. I had high hopes for the product that claimed to be equal parts dry shampoo, style extender and volume enhancer as I have thick, flat hair that needs a lot of help in the volume department. Usually texturising sprays and powders leave it looking heavy and  messy, but Prêt-à-Powder left me pleasantly surprised! The actual product is very finely milled and so light that it feels weightless in my hair, while giving it the slight lift and volume it needs. My roots look instantly perked up without and horrible, sticky residue left behind. As it is equal parts dry shampoo, and it is so light, I can use this for a few days in a row before I need to wash my hair again. As I like to blow dry my hair most of the time, this is perfect to keeping my hair style intact while giving it a little refresh. Prêt-à-Powder, you've earned your permanent place in my hair care routine. 


25 Facts About Me

Over the last year of beauty blogging i've kept a lot of my life somewhat private. But now there are nearly 400 (what on earth?!) of you following my blog, I thought it was about time you got to know me a little better.

1.  I am 21 years old 
2.  I was born and raised on the south coast on England, Southampton to be more exact
3.  I have worked ever since I was 16 
4.  I currently work a 9-5 at a University but I am also a Photographer & Makeup Artist on the side
5.  I love food 
6.  I am very positive and can't stand being around negative people
7.  I rarely get sick (apart from the cold I have right now, go figure!)
8.  I love being active and doing fun sports such as Yoga, Rock Climbing and Trampolining
9.  I didn't go to University and it was the best decision I ever made
10.  My favourite city in the world is New York
11.  Although it may not always show in pictures, I have a dark beauty mark above my lip
12.  I failed my drivers test 5 times before passing, now I drive a Mini 
13.  Champagne is my favourite (colour and drink, of course) 
14.  I am petrified of needles and I pass out every time I have my blood taken
15.  Bears are my favourite animal
16.  Growing up I wanted to be a Dolphin Trainer and an Astronaut 
17.  I am not a morning person. At all. 
18.  I hate everything about night clubs and I hardly ever go clubbing
19.  I own far too many Yoga pants 
20.  I love country music
21.  I used to run a 'fashion' blog. It still makes me cringe to this day.
22.  I can be painfully shy
23.  I dream every single night and I can remember some of the dreams I had from when I was very little
24.  I have no idea why, but I have an insanely good sense of direction
25.  I love everything about Autumn

I hope you got to know me a bit better - Tell me some facts about you!

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